When the Saints come marching in.

Happy 2014! Good-bye 2013, you will not be missed. What can I say, it was a crazy year filled with bumps and bruises. The adventure was plentiful- so there’s that. I drove across country with just my dog. And, people came out of the woodwork to support me. Friends and family, I love you. The … Continue reading

Deadline Eve

Exposing myself, my art, feels at once vain, trivial, cliche and weird. What makes my pictures worth looking at? I produce because I have to. It won’t leave me alone. I see the images. I have the concepts. They haunt my dreams and all the space in between. Artists push past the nerves; they say- … Continue reading


My yoga goes something like this: Clean the house, Clean the body, Clean the mind. I find my best days are days when I’m able to do all three of these things. Add in some laughs and fresh air and I’m in heaven. The yogis know, asana is one limb of yoga. Only one way … Continue reading

On Adjusting

We’re moved in! My closet is a mess but the walls are painted and the couch is (finally!) coming tomorrow. This last week I spent organizing our office and I came across my transcripts. So much has happened since I graduated college and it was such a feat in of itself. It took me about … Continue reading

Checking in during busy season

Hello Blogosphere, I’ve had a lot to blog about. Life has been busy. You’ve been on my mind and yet I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write. My guy and I are so happy to have a home soon. We’re currently in escrow and it’s more than possible that we might finally … Continue reading